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500,1000 rupee note

Hello Friends,

How are you? my all visitors.....

 I know i am back in many days but you are also busy because situation are know Indianian currency 500 and 1000 rupee note are denominations.

  The demonetisation of ₹500 and ₹1000 banknotes was a step taken by the Government of India on 8 November 2016, ceasing the usage of all ₹500 and ₹1000 banknotes of the Mahatma Gandhi Series as a form of legal tender in India from 9 November 2016.[1]

The announcement was made by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi in an unscheduled live televised address to the nation at 20:15 Indian Standard Time (ITS) the same day.[2][3] In the announcement, Modi declared circulation of all ₹500 and ₹1000 banknotes of the Mahatma Gandhi Series as invalid and announced the issuance of new ₹500 and ₹2000 banknotes of the Mahatma Gandhi New Series in exchange for the old banknotes.

The banknote denominations of ₹100, ₹50, ₹20, ₹10 and ₹5 of the Mahatma Gandhi Series continued to remain as legal tender and w…


Hello Friends, I know we meet you such a long time but you know
 that ganpati festival than it's time to fully enjoyed.

spend time to family but we know that vacation are coming
 and ganpati bapa bye time but jam-mu kasmir people
 not enjoyed this festival because security provided this
 festival army man are also take care his security we all
wish to the no create issues and drop this topic but more
than 50 year not a solved this issues we all know all people
 are same but mentality are different than create about this
issue but god pray complete this problem than student and
 all people are happy and celebrate all festival enjoyed and
 happy for its family.kashmir this word is so beautiful you
 know gujarati says,"Bharat nu swarg che kashmir!!",but
this time to not a safe people for this swarg sometime
 create issues than fear of children and little babies.


hello all visitor in my blog.

this day for all people's day because every people in life atlist one freind involved life.dosti this word is so beautiful in entire world.friend are most important in the our life because it's know about our member are blood relation in we are know but friend are god gift.

you know freinds facebook start to 4 true friend and it's connect for his relation than open this site for all friend beacuse friend are does matter in our life. today's friendship day but it day to spend time to your friend and miss your memory with your friends."dost ko yaad karne k liye uska hona jaroori hai uska sath hona itna jaroori nahi". am i all know friend k upar jitni book

likhu lekin hamare topic kabhi khatm hi nahi hoge.i know you all are missing your freind than why are you thinking go ahed and meet your friend because your office work , your family, your activity is your part of life but your friend is your life......


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Beach,Science Center

Tourism also like dhumas beach and also like sea so many places
come in surat. more than shopping are also come to the surat.
bombay market is most attractive and ladies are shopping in to
the surat. specially
Dhumas Beach

Jagadishchandra Bosh Aquarium

Science Center


Now this blog to represented big and diamond city called
of is amagine and very big city. Surat is woman
favorite because surat is famous on sari shopping and
kurties.many business in this city and most welcome
all country people to like it surat city.


kankariya lake is a most beautiful in ahemedabad.
ahemedabd is imagine world wide to this city.
kankariya lake is biggest in ahemedabad.
short length is 2.25 km.
lake type: Resiviour
Islands: Nagina vadi
such most beautiful on kankariya lake near by
zoo it is animal are very safe and enjoy to the

Night in most beautiful look to the kankariya lake.


IIM is a international management college in ahemedabad it is very
large and first level college in this city.this college in student are smart

mature to the development about career.Block baster movie
2 States are shutting in IIM. chatan bhagat's novel are very famous
and 2 state writer of chatan annual

function is very expense
and 5 day's celibrate function. i miss my college day, song are sing on
iim student on it's fer well. it is education was very high level.

Most beautiful college in ahemedabad so iim
is all student deram college of each other.


Ahmadabad is a capital of Gujarat. truly ahemedabad is
very large and lovely city of india. many colleges and
many places,malls are come in ahemedabad because it
is strength for idea that ahemedabad is
motivate to this state.

sabarmati river is center of ahmedabad.girls most favorite
city of it.because first one is lal darvaja shopping is very famos
is to shopping and it is very big market on Ahmadabad,
and second one is festival celebration is lightly and colorfully
celibrate to the city.most of navaratri and makarsankranti.
education is very high and smart for this cities people.


Gujarat is a most beautiful and historical of india.
gujarat state is a western india.tourism favorite
state of india it is many places and many city are
naturally in is freedom and very colorful
city in all states different in india.

gujarat capital of ahemedabad.but very many city
are powerful and successful to india.more information
about india then continue see next blog in indiasmart


Watch is all most favorite in all people because time is
success on first step.may be watches are no matter to
branded but it is all first,second and third class people
can also have watch is better than all watch many facilities in available same
as smart mobile.

Many facilities to smart watch and easy to use.
it is personality like to very good and smart
look like smart citizen..

20 20 schedul

20 20 world cup is favorite in all people because it is
not only game but it is festival for indian people.
today's Australia and Bangladesh match.

20 20 world cup

20 20 world cup is part of is favorite for many people.
team is powerful than winner in this team. india is a winner in 2011
world cup it's champion for the india country.


It's time to be a create on career for bechalar  students.
because your life first step to be start in your future
development. really you are just think to be this
generation is a very smart and more than better develop
in his is time is very difficult in your successive

please i have a suggestion to all student to develop on his career  .because it's time to get and decided on a your success to future.because one time to lost your time then no one time in time in enter in your life.then let's go and give up your future.

home based work

preview  the blog is home based jobs. then it's time to
learn on home work in all country.very easy to the work
on home based to you pc and is a god
father to the it field then you are get google and joining
to the work and started on work to your pc.

then start to work on at your from home
main advantages is no office, no boss, no time limited.

Home based jobs

Home based jobs for woman , student and all retired people
can be approved this work in the all world.Hyderabad in the
many vacations of the jobs.

many people are searching the jobs that apply to the
freelancer in signup then you are better improved in
 the other all are freedom and depend
to the your life.after all you are happy for the this
project approval.listen smartcity project not only
proved the best country in the word but it is project
is people are also smart that is think of apply this


Hyderabad is a capital of southern india's telangana state.
A major center for the technology industry.Hyderabad is
a very beautiful city in india.2 nd best city in the hyderabad

Times of india news paper in website hyderabad
for more information about description and realestate,
education,politics any kind of in search to the news
paper.more information then you see the next blog
of indiasmartcity.


Event in Benglore City  :=Monkey and Mobile :=  8 march Tuesday 2016 Dramatic shift master class in personal performance := 10 march Thursday 2016 The biggest party in benglore with DJ wale babu := 11 march Friday 2016
jagriti the atrescience  NCBS present  := 11 march Friday 2016 most of events IT related in benglore. benglore is a very beautiful city. benglore city is also known as green spaces and nightlife.famous to the attending party.


you know that delhi then i present next city which is benglore.
benglore city is called "IT HUB" city because it's popularity  for it companies.beglore is capital of india's southern karnataka's population of 4.301 million in 2001.

qutb minar

Qutb Minar is a part of is big deal of our country.
it is part of history,it is length of 12 meter.such as india's
very beautiful country for tourism. because it's culture are
so traditional and it's past of wonderful.

Bollywood actor and director dev anand wanted to be
shooting to minar for dil ka bhawnar kare pukar song
for ter ghar ke samne movie in minar. many movie in
qutb minar during's door of marbal.


lalkilla is proud our country so we have proud that is capital.
built by shah jahan. red fort for resident in mugal empore  nearly
for 200 years until 1857.

Adress :=   Netaji marg, chandani chowk , new delhi,delhi-110006
visiting event for red fort :=   5 March Saturday 2016
lalkilla was very important part of a indian people.
republic day celebrate in lalkilla because it is big deal to freedom


You are know about delhi.but you don't know that most tourism come in delhi.
most beautiful TAJ MAHEL is here in delhi.jodha- akbar many times to spend in
delhi.akabar's kabar in delhi.let's discus taj mahel. the greate love story of
 sahjahan and mumtaj.

Location   :=    Agra , andra pradesh,, india
sahjah mumtaj
It is amagine lovestory of  the world famous . The exterior decorations of the Taj Mahal are among the finest in Mughal architecture. As the surface area changes, the decorations are refined proportionally. The decorative elements were created by applying paint, stucco, stone inlays or carvings. In line with the Islamic prohibition against the use of anthropomorphic forms, the decorative elements can be grouped into either calligraphy, abstract forms or vegetative motifs. Throughout the complex are passages from the Qur'an that comprise some of the decorative elements. Recent scholarship suggests that the passages were chosen by Amanat Khan.[15][16]
The calli…


Delhi it's word of a imagine the what is delhi.
delhi is a Capital of India Country. it is only  not a capital but it is heart of india. more...
 Shah Jahan built the seventh city of Delhi that bears
his name Shahjahanabad, it is very famous empire in this
century,which served as the capital it has been popular
of the Mughal Empire from 1638 and is today known as
the Old City or Old Delhi.


smartcity you know that all kind of information
then i have all famous cities history , his good
quality discuss in next blog then what can intersted
cities information.

 We have informative the smart city belong that
other project ideas but is it also worked can be
started in assignment.

your dream city is called smartcity.


Mumbai is a dream city of all people.then smartcity number of plan to this city.
may be mumbai is very large city and maharastra heart of this city.then big project to successfully
improved in this city.then it can nessecery to this plan.

smartcity: construction

smartcity: construction: The inauguration of the first IT complex of Rs 2000 crore SmartCity Kochi,  a IT special economic zone, will be held at th...


The inauguration of the first IT complex of Rs 2000 crore SmartCity Kochi,
 a IT special economic zone, will be held at the end of August or in September.
 The construction of 6.5 lakh sq ft building is nearing completion.

The SmartCity project which envisages a total of 8.8 million sq ft. of built-up space,
 was recently in the news with the resignation. The construction of the SmartCity Kochi
 began four years ago and the inauguration of the first building was postponed several times.

work can be started..


Smart Cities: Rs 7,940 crore will be raised for Indore project Indore is among
 20 places of India that have been picked for Smart City project in the first list.
Surendra Hiranandani, CMD, House of Hiranandani

Budget 2016: Optimistic govt will address financial, tax reforms in real estate, says SurendraHiranandani

The real estate sector has been one of the worst hit in the country, with demand stagnating in the last one year, so much so that players

"Cities like Varanasi which is the Lok Sabha constituency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and some other cities that fall under Lok Sabha"


20 cities asked to launch smart city projects by June 25  urged the 23 cities participating in the Fast Track competition like Warangal, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Bhagalpur, Dehradun etc.,

Smart City
Smart Cities: Cities left out in first list to interact with winners of the project
"These cities will be advised on how to bridge the identified gaps in their Smart City Plans."

Smart City
Smart Cities: First phase of Kerala's project to be inaugurated tomorrow
Phase 1 can generate a minimum of 5000 job opportunities in one shift.

Building a Smartcity



it was a idea for proper work in a smart city.
now you are also know about this project knowladge
then you are more information and updatation
for continue for watch this blog.
you know very well what i am tell you and described
you but more information and smart city project interest
then read this blog and next project.
this project can't be used money purpose.

smartcity: Earth

smartcity: Earth: It is a alternative for a earth. where is smartcity on the world for india and other country for this project develop for thi...


It is a alternative for a earth. where is smartcity
on the world for india and other country for this
project develop for this  picture.


see this blog and donet the blood.

this is idea for smartcity developement.
it is not a easy but lost of work in this
project.entertainment , social media
and etc help for this big budget project.
you know very well this kind of development
but rather then important for this project.

Smartcity project map

this was a samrtcity maps plan and then its decided
to this category to develop this project.overall work
may be started then very well this project approval.
all are waited for this completed this project for the


this is plan was a smartcity.and criteria for this smart city
plan.this project approval for work has been started.
amazing plan for people can be approved.all are happy and
wait this big budget plan.

happy human

all human are happy for this new project.
very excited for this smart city project.
changed for the all life and generation .
children and younger are so improved this
plan and helpfully this project.

smartcity: today's deal of smart phone.then you b...


today's deal of smart phone.then you b...
: today's deal of smart phone.then you book this smart phone deal.
today's deal of smart phone.then you book this
smart phone deal.

smartcity: all human are happy for this new project...


all human are happy for this new project...
: all human are happy for this new project. very excited for this smart city project. changed for the all life and generation ....
now more information on continue watch this blog.
you are just see this image and you are imagine this all cities list.
smart city project is not a easy.
it is very hard to work and budget  are very high.
government have a lost of features and provide to
the facility Indian people.

cities of india

you have already know that meaning of smartness then you are also give the idea for smart city project. i really appreciate  that people can improved this project.

there are first cut off list.

Very important to the list of how many cities are involved this blogs.
then get to the kind information and not you get information then
 you can below this post...